According to the study, The Medical Care Costs of Obesity: An Instrumental Approach, the United States spends an estimated $210 billion annually for obesity and chronic disease related costs. Chronic conditions are the lead cause of death and disabilities in the United States. The higher a person’s BMI, the more health care cost the individual will incur for obesity related complications. Individuals with higher BMI’s are twice as likely to be prescribed medicine compared to healthy individuals. The average American has a pharmaceutical bill of $1,000-2,000 annually.

Prevention is the the best way to eliminate these extra medical/pharmaceutical bills. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is the most basic form of prevention. The best analogy that one could make would be proper maintenance for your vehicle.  Vehicle’s are a major financial investment and vehicle owners value overall appearance, longevity, and performance.  To make sure your car is looking good you make it a priority to get regular car washes and try to avoid scratches , dings, or major accidents. To maintain the performance & longevity of your vehicle you would make sure that you use the proper fuel, oil, as well as investing in scheduled maintenance when needed. These proper maintenance practices will help prevent any major damage to your vehicle’s  engine & transmission which in turn will save you money by avoiding major repairs to your vehicle. These prevention methods are the best way to ensure that your vehicle will continue looking good, as well as preforming at a high level for years and years.  Now the question is, why wouldn’t you do the same with your body? Your body is your biggest asset. You must constantly invest in your health because you only get one body and there is no financial value on a person’s life or well being.  With that said, the best way to prevent certain illnesses, diseases, and chronic pains is to fuel your body with a balanced and nutritious diet. In today’s society that is easier said than done due to all processed junk food, misleading food labels, and fast food drive thru’s.  It takes more effort now a days to eat healthy, but your body and checkbook will reward you in the future. Consuming meals that are packed with natural and nutritious ingredients will improve your overall health and also make you feel great. Healthy individuals typically look better, have more energy, and are generally more positive. With Level UP Meals, you can purchase meal plans to help develop healthy eating habits and avoid paying those unwanted medical bills in the future. It is beneficial to invest financially in food that will lead to better personal appearance, increased performance/energy, and longevity. Let Level Up Meals help you live a healthy and happier life and prevent unwanted trips to the doctor’s office.


Why spend money on things that could be prevented? Invest in your health. You only have one body and you should treat it kindly and with nutritional care. Chronic conditions can limit one’s ability to participate in certain activities and can be a difficult condition to live with. Chronic conditions can be beat and prevented. All it takes is the will and the want to change and live a healthier life. Level UP Meals makes eating healthy delicious and convenient. Healthy living made simple. Meal plans are a great way to ensure that you won’t steer off the path to reaching your goals. Level UP Meals are made from local produce and hormone-free meats, these meals ensure optimal nutrition while being flavorful and ALL natural.

Eat Clean..Lift Mean..Level Up!

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