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Our goal at Level Up Meals is to elevate the well-being of others and encourage healthy, active lifestyles. We are proud to provide convenient & healthy meals to strong, like-minded individuals in the San Diego community.

Our Local Athlete Spotlight recognizes local athletes who embrace a healthy and active lifestyle while elevating their team and sports program to a higher level. We are happy to present the Level Up Athlete Achievement Award to Adam “Bob” Klie for the month of January. He is receiving this award for his commitment to a healthy & active lifestyle, and for his outstanding performance in athletic competition.


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The Rundown

School/Year: Senior at University of San Diego

Sport/Position: Basketball/Combo Guard

Height/Weight: 6-4/205 lbs

2017 Record:

Overall: 14 – 4

CCAA: 9 – 2


The Stats: 2017

-Games played: 18

-Points/game: 14.4

-Rebounds/game: 7.0

-Assists/game: 4.4

-FG Pct: 46.6

-3FG Pct: 36.0

-FT Pct: 61.6

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The Q&A

Learn how Adam Klie prepares for athletic competition, what foods he eats before a big game, and his hobbies outside of basketball. Find out some fun facts like, Adam’s favorite cheat meal and his favorite workout/exercise, in our Q&A session with the UCSD standout.

Q: What is your favorite memory as a UCSD basketball player?

There have been so many great memories I have as a UCSD basketball player that it makes it hard to choose one. Last year’s run to the NCAA tournament was probably the most fun I have had playing basketball in my life. Being a part of two game-winning shots during that run, including one of my own, were the most exciting moments during that stretch. The thing I think I will remember most, however, was just the joy in the locker room when we won those big games, and how everybody on the team was there for each other when it finally ended.

Q: What is your favorite “San Diego” thing to do?

My friends tend to tease me on how little I take advantage of where I live. I get pretty wrapped up in school and basketball during the year and I haven’t found time for many “San Diego” things. I know it’s not necessarily unique to San Diego, but one thing I really enjoy doing that I couldn’t before coming here is going to the beach and watching the sunset. Beach going isn’t really a thing in Alaska, so I like to try to take advantage of the opportunity to do it here.

Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of basketball?

I really enjoy the outdoors. Hiking and going to the beach are some of my favorite outdoor activities. When I’m not outside I like to watch movies, read and hang out with friends. I’m a pretty competitive person so pretty much anything that involves a competition I tend to enjoy as well.

Q: How do you believe your nutrition affects your performance?

Nutrition in any sport at the collegiate level is hugely important in performance. I try to make sure I feed my body what it needs to be at its best day in and day out. It’s something that I have taken seriously since the day I arrived on campus. College life can make it difficult at times, but the athletic training staff and the strength and conditioning staff are always giving me tips on what and when to eat that I have think really helped my performance over the years.

Q: What types of things do you eat before a game? What types of things do you eat after a game?

After battling cramps for a few years, I try to eat a lot of a high potassium and nutrient rich foods before a game. We typically get a sandwich or pasta as a team on game days, but in the few hours leading up to the game you’ll see me eat a lot of bananas, dates and energy bars. I also like to eat a snickers bar pregame for some quick energy. Post-game I try to stay away from things that are heavy or greasy if I can, though it can be hard. My favorite thing to eat post game is steak and mashed potatoes. I usually eat another snickers bar or two for dessert.

Q: What is your favorite cheat meal?

I don’t know if I really have a meal I go to when I want to cheat a little bit. I love chocolate and I tend to snack on that when I want something sweet. I used to try to avoid fast food at all costs, but on the road after games, it can be tough to stay within my normal diet and I usually let myself cheat a little. I actually let slip that I had never eaten In-N-Out before my sophomore year and it became kind of a big deal on the team. I eventually caved and had my first In-N-Out burger last year after a road win in Pomona. It was really good.

Q: How can athletes stay healthy throughout a long season?

There are a lot of things I try to do in order to get through the long grind of the basketball season. Nutrition is a huge part of it, as you tend to get out what you put in when it comes to your performance and health. Sleep is probably equally important and getting at least 8 hours each night is a must for me. Strengthening and keeping my body loose is something I also take very seriously and I try to spend as much time in the weight room and athletic training room as I can. Ultimately though, staying healthy takes a little bit of luck, but the harder you work when it comes to keeping your body healthy, the luckier you tend to be.

Q: Favorite workout/exercise?

I am a big fan of the back squat. I’m not sure how this came to be my favorite exercise but just something about squatting a lot of weight is just hugely satisfying for me. We have these workouts in the spring that involve rolling dice or drawing cards to see what exercise you have to do that are a lot of fun as well. It kind of adds an exciting element to the workout and usually creates an energy in the weight room.

Q: What is currently on your iPod? What books/tv shows are you currently into?

I tend to have a wide variety of music on my iPod. I’ve been listening to a lot of J. Cole lately, but I am also big on the alternative and singer-songwriter genres. If you shuffled all my music there is also a chance you might hear some classical as well. I’m not a huge TV show guy but I just recently started watching “Parks and Recreation” and I think it is hilarious. I like reading, but I tend to just read for class during the school year.

Q: If it wasn’t basketball, what sport would you play? After basketball, is there another sport you may try and get into?

I played soccer in high school as well as basketball and I have always wondered how things might have gone if I had stuck with it instead of basketball. So if not basketball, I definitely would have tried my hand at soccer. After basketball, I would like to try to get involved in some sort of soccer league to see if I still have any skill left. It’s been a while, so I am not too confident at this point. I might have to connect with some of the men’s soccer team to see if they could give me a few pointers.

Q&A session conducted by Andrew Dyer

The Wrap Up

Adam Klie names nutrition as one of the biggest reasons for success throughout his collegiate career. He is preforming at an All-Conference level this season, and is a big reason for his team’s impressive 14-4 record. Level Up Meals would like to thank Adam for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with us. We hope this Q&A session will give athletes in the San Diego community insight on how important nutrition is to preforming at the highest level.  Congrats to Adam Klie for being our very first recipient of the Level Up Athlete Achievement Award!


If you have an athlete that you would like to nominate for the Level Up Athlete Achievement Award feel free to send us email at




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