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It is so easy a caveman can do it! We take some of the shopping and cooking load off your plate so you can enjoy fresh, locally made, responsibly sourced meals (and some recipe inspiration for your kitchen), without the time and brain commitment of going at it alone.

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Select a one time or recurring plan. If you choose the recurring option, you will be automatically charged weekly. You can cancel or reactivate your plan anytime.

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Pick your favorite healthy diet and customize to your needs @levelupmeals.com/order-now. Our meals are prepared locally from in season fruits, vegetables, berries, and local responsibly sourced meat.

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Pick ‘em up here each week. Your order must be placed by Thursday midnight for the following week’s delivery! Deliveries are made twice a week. The first delivery is made on Mondays and second delivery on Thursdays.


Enjoy your tasty meals!

Our Meals

Fresh, gourmet and super convenient. The best part is that it encourages me to get to the gym cause that's where I pick up my food! Love it!

Each of our meals have

Each Level Up Meal is balanced and diverse so that you will enjoy eating healthy. All meals come labeled with full nutrition facts and ingredients. Let us help you take your nutrition to the next level!

6oz +

Cage-free poultry and eggs, antibiotic-and-hormone-free meats & thoughtfully sourced seafood.


Servings of Fruits and Vegetables


Servings of Nuts, Seeds & Berries


Trans Fat


Gluten & Soy


Added Sugars


Pork or Pork By Products


Mg Sodium or Less

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All the comment & reviews are from real people and listed on Yelp!

user_60_squareFantastic! I follow a paleo diet and was coming to town for a convention. I contacted the company because I'm also pregnant and wanted to make sure all ingredients were okay for me. Customer service was great! I was staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, so I scheduled pick up at CrossFit East Village  (an easy 15 minute walk). Picked food up on monday and Thursday. Everything was so delicious! I only had a microwave for reheating, and everything remained tender and great! I am so grateful for Level Up meals and recommend them to anyone in the San Diego area.

Rachel L.

Evanston, IL.

user_60_squareI am an active woman, I don't do crossfit, but I walk a lot and I try to eat healthy. My biggest problem was to feel sleepy after a regular meal.  Now that I eat paleo regularly I work more efficiently, I don't feel sleepy at work no more and I feel much better. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is high.  I strongly recommend Level Up Meals to everybody.

Bakiye L.

Escondido, CA.

Ruby reviewI dropped in a crossfit class while visiting the San Diego area and was lucky enough to stumble on one of Level Up's mini meal events. These meals are AMAZING! Well-balanced, fresh and yummy... It's not often that you have a great tasting-super healthy meal. I sampled the Indian coconut curry which was delishh. Def wish they had something as good as this back home. It's perfect for crossfitters who want to try the paleo diet, but don't know where to start.


San Diego, CA.

60sI purchased the recurring lunch dinner 5 days a week... I pick up meals mon-wed on Monday at the nearest crosscut in ocean beach and then pick meals for thurs-fri on Thursday.  Let me just say life changing, delicious meals, and incredible convenience.  I like to cook but my job doesn't allow for a whole lot of time to prep and I travel every couple of weeks so this has been such a bonus for my busy work life.  Filling, great variety in taste and super easy to prepare.  I love it so much I've been raving about it at work and know some of my work peeps are going to try this out.  Cost is great considering how much I spent on groceries and eating out.  Love love love! I just had to add I just the duck and parsnips for dinner and because I'm allergic to shrimp I'm getting this delicious dinner again tomorrow!  One of my favorite dishes !!!!

Denia P.

Federal Way, WA.

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