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We take some of the shopping and cooking load off your plate so you can enjoy healthy, fresh, prepared meals (and some recipe inspiration for your kitchen), without the time and brain commitment of going at it alone.

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Select a one time or recurring plan. If you choose the recurring option, you will be automatically charged weekly. You can cancel or reactivate your plan anytime.

Customize to fit your lifestyle

Pick your favorite healthy diet and customize to your needs Our meals are prepared locally from in season fruits, vegetables, berries, and local responsibly sourced meat.

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Pick ‘em up or have them delivered directly to you. Your order must be placed by Thursday midnight for the following week’s delivery! Deliveries are made twice a week. The first delivery is made on Mondays and second delivery on Thursdays.


Level Up with clean energy

Our Meals

Healthy, fresh, prepared meals. Our meals are loaded with REAL, nutritious, tasty ingredients so that you have the fuel for your active lifestyle.

Each of our meals have

Our meals are balanced and diverse so that you will enjoy eating healthy. All meals come labeled with full nutrition facts and list all REAL ingredients.

6oz +

Cage-free poultry & eggs, antibiotic-and-hormone-free meats & thoughtfully sourced seafood.


Servings of Fruits and Vegetables


Servings of Nuts, Seeds & Berries


Gluten & Soy


Added Sugars or Preservatives


Pork or Pork By Products

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All the comment & reviews are from real people and listed on Yelp and Facebook!

user_60_square One of the best health food choice there! Delicious, satisfying portion of meal yet does not make you feel bloated.

Banu A.

San Diego, CA.

60s (1)I did the 3 day lunch selection to try these guys out and was very impressed. The food was delicious and easy to pick up. The gym I picked it up from might even get my business because they were so amiable. Staying in track with healthy eating is a constant battle between cooking prep meals till the wee hours on Sunday, doing a sh** ton of dishes and going to the grocery store almost daily. I'm going to stop doing that, now! These guys have my business for sure!

Ryan D.

San Diego, CA.

60s (4)I have been ordering Level Up meals for a few weeks now.  I had been ordering from a competitor service on and off for a year or so and I have to say that Level Up is heads and shoulders above.  They deliver twice a week.  Their containers are flat plastic and easy to store and microwave.  No cutting up packages and finding your own container at the office. The labeling is great and they have specific instructions, including when the food will be too old (and you should toss it). Their meals are very creative....good use of spices.... and minimal, but effective, use of fruit and nuts. Right now I am eating Chicken tettrazini with light mushrooms and capers, combined with spaghetti squash "pasta" seasoned lightly with dill and a pineapple slice on the side.  wow.  The other day I had a jamaican jerk chicken with nuts and light cranberries, that was combined with tomatoes and cooked dandelion greens. I have even been taking pictures of my lunches.... I am that excited about them! I think the price is extremely fair especially considering the convenience, the time I gain by not shopping, meal planning and cooking, and the help staying me on track with healthy eating. LOVE.

Amy K.

San Diego, CA.

60s (6)Level Up has been a life saver! I've been getting them for a week and everything I have eaten has been really flavorful. They are usually filling enough but really the taste is what puts it over the top. I've been recovering from surgery so I haven't been able to cook. Without Level Up, I would be at such a loss of what to do. They are also giving me fun ideas of new flavors to try once my arm is back in the swing of things!

Christie M.

San Diego, CA.

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